This is a sample test for Global Entrepreneurship Olympiad.

There are 10 multiple choice questions. The time limit for this test is 8 minutes.

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Sample Test

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When a person begins a business, he or she may encounter several challenges and failures. Even while taking a significant risk, an entrepreneur must think


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An entrepreneur should be willing to take a ___________ and is always open to new ideas to make his/her business grow.

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Experiment with many ideas is a quality related to __________.

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Entrepreneurs need to be open to __________and try them without fear of failure.

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Business is a type of economic activity that involves the constant and regular production and distribution of _____________ and ____________ to meet human needs

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A person who does not take risks, is not open to new ideas and is running the business only to earn a steady source of income is not ____________.

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What is the aim of entrepreneurship?

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A business started by an entrepreneur is usually a very____________ in the beginning.

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It is important for an entrepreneur to  __________ in running a business.

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_______________ is a person who is self – employed, is willing to take a calculated risk and brings in a new idea to start a business