1. What is Entrepreneurship Olympiad? Why should anyone take this Olympiad?

Entrepreneurship is the hottest 21st century skill. It sits at the cusp of ideas, science, technology, maths, business, commerce and communication. But there is very little formal education available for this skill.
Global Entrepreneurship Olympiad is a test that helps school students prepare for one of the most important 21st century skill. The test is designed to assess the entrepreneurialism in school students across the world to benchmark the knowledge level.
The two stage assessment format is novel and exciting for students. The first stage is multiple choice question and the 2nd stage is a real life case study challenge.
Global Entrepreneurship Olympiad helps school students improve their learning about the real world by solving real world challenges. The olympiad format helps students hone their skills in logical reasoning, analysis, problem solving, digital and financial knowledge, leadership and communication.

2. Who can participate in Global Entrepreneurship Olympiad

All bonafide school students of Class 6 to Class 12 studying in accredited to any School Board in India can participate in Global Entrepreneurship Olympiad.

3. Is there an upper and lower age limit for Global Entrepreneurship Olympiad?

The upper age limit for participants is 18 years as on 31st Dec 2021.
There is no lower age limit.

4. Is there an upper and lower class limit?

The upper Class limit for participants is Class 12 as on date of registration on Global Entrepreneurship Olympiad website.
There is lower class limit is Class 6.

5. Is it the same examination for all class?

Global Entrepreneurship Olympiad shall be held in THREE categories. These are as follows:
1. GEO – Junior for Students in Class 6 to 8
2. GEO – Senior for Students in Class 9 and 10
3. GEO – Advanced for Students in Class 11 and 12

6. Is Global Entrepreneurship Olympiad a team event?

Global Entrepreneurship Olympiad is an individual based competition.

7. Is there a registration fees for Global Entrepreneurship Olympiad?

There are two fees categories, which is as follows:
Fee Category 1 – If your school is registered, then the applicable fees to participate in Global Entrepreneurship Olympiad is Rs. 250.
Fee Category 2 – If your school is not registered, then the applicable fees to participate in Global Entrepreneurship Olympiad is Rs. 500.

8. What is the benefit of School Registration in Global Entrepreneurship Olympiad?

School Registration makes it easier to administer the examination, identify top talent and distribute the awards. Please note there are special awards for Schools.

9. What benefits does a student get upon registration?

Upon confirmation of registration, students get access to:
1. Access to study material for Global Entrepreneurship Olympiad
2. Full Practise Test (Timed) and with result analysis
3. E-Admit Card to participate in Global Entrepreneurship Olympiad.

10. What are the prizes?

Global Entrepreneurship Olympiad recognises exceptional school students with variety of prizes. The most exciting prize is curated visit to ISRO Satellite Centre in Bangalore with ThinkStartup Mentors.
To know more, please visit https://geolympiad.org/prizes